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Articles featured in Sandhills Naturally cover a broad range of topics in the areas of natural health and wellness, fitness and sustainable living. We welcome article contributions from area experts. We want our content to be trusted by our readers because it is educational, based on factual information, and presented in a balanced and interesting way. 


We do not wish to run articles that are clearly self-serving or overtly commercial in nature. For instance, an article on the health benefits of himalayan sea salt would be appropriate, but not an article about the miraculous benefits provided by Bob's X-tra Pure Himalayan Sea Salt. If we feel that an article would be interesting to our readers, but it contains promotional content, we reserve the right to request that the author resubmit the article after removing those references. It is also advised that our writers focus on a more narrow aspect of a subject, than an overview of a vast subject.


We reserve the right to refuse submissions and to edit submissions as needed. We cannot guarantee that your submission will be published or that it will be published immediately. If your article has been previously published in another publication, please note that in your submission.


To submit an article for consideration, please follow these guidelines:

• Length: 200 - 700 words. Articles longer than 700 words must be discussed with the editor in advance.

• Deadline: by the 5th of the month prior to publication date (August 5 for September issue)

• Articles should be well-written, but written in easy to understand language.

• Articles should include facts and/or statistics where necessary, and attributions to studies or others where applicable.

• Articles should not be overtly commercial in nature.

• Please include a brief biography to accompany your article. 

• Please send article as a Word or text document to joy@sandhillsnaturally.com for consideration. 


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